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Tool News - Craftsman 13" Planer


The 13 in. Thickness Planer is equipped with eight different depth of cut settings ranging from 1/8 in. to 1 ¾ in. Its three blade cutterhead cuts more per inch than two blade counterparts, providing more cuts per minute and a smooth, almost sanded, blemish-free finish. A unique screw profile, consisting of four lead screws, secures the cutterhead firmly in place without the need of a head cutter lock. Extra large in-feed and out-feed tables are included, reducing snipe and producing high quality finishes.

The 13 in. Thickness Planer’s 15 amp universal motor allows the unit to easily handle hard and soft wood. The unit’s granite table provides a flat, smooth space for easy material movement. Unlike some metal tables, the granite will not discolor, mar woods or rust. The table also provides stability and absorbs vibrations, leading to a better finish. The planer also features return rollers that make handling long boards easy, a reversible dust collection chute, and a 4 to 2 ½ in. port adaptor to accommodate standard dust collection systems or wet/dry vac hose connections.

Available for the Thickness Planner is a spiral cutterhead accessory tool for the woodworker who uses varied materials. The spiral cutterhead takes a series of 26 double-edged high carbon steel inserts, and positions them in a helix/spiral configuration around the cutterhead. The spiral cutterhead reduces sound levels when cutting a board, and is compatible with all forms of wood and MDF. Using the spiral cutterhead results in less tear out on figured woods because the contact of the helix inserts a sequential cut (shear cut) as opposed to the straight blade (straight cut).

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