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Tool News - Amana Wood Flooring Router Bit Set


Amana Tool just introduced its new Wood Flooring Router Bit Sets for solid and engineered wood materials.  Each router bit in the two-piece sets features a double cutting flute design that enables remodelers, flooring installers and construction workers to create custom tongue and groove wood flooring with nail slots.  The cutting edge of the bits is made of Amana-exclusive carbide grade that delivers the highest quality of cut, maximum cutting efficiency and extended tool life.  Amana’s wood flooring router bits are for use in table mounted routers only.

The set contains two bits – one for the tongue edge and one to create the groove – for cutting flooring with 1⁄2" to 5/8” stock thickness.  The also have another set designed for floor construction with 5/8” to 3⁄4” stock thickness.

More information on these router bits can be found here.

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