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Tool News - Amana Table Edge Router Bits


Amana has teamed up with Lonnie Bird to create a new series of table edge router bits for handheld and table-mounted routers. The series is comprised of seven popular edging profiles designed to enhance the edge of a table top surface, while adding detail and reducing the visual thickness of the material. The profiles include a torus, cove & thumbnail, reverse curve, ogee with step, ogee, thumbnail and soft edge (not pictured).

Each router bit features a bearing guide and two-flute cutting design that delivers superior results on ¾” thick material. The cutting edge of the bits is made of Amana’s exclusive carbide grade that delivers the highest quality of cut, maximum cutting efficiency and extended tool life.

More information is available here.

Torus Table Edge


Cove & Thumbnail Table Edge


Reverse Curve Table Edge


Ogee with Step Table Edge


Ogee Table Edge


Thumbnail Table Edge