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Tool News - Leigh Industries Super FMT


Leigh Industries has just announced the new Super FMT, a mortise and tennon jig. The Super FMT is a more affordable version of their popular FMT jig. The Super FMT’s design is based on the functionality and exacting standards of the original but with redefined manufacturing processes, resulting in reduced manufacturing costs.

Its features include over 70 sizes of mortises and tenons, 21 joint guides, square tenon guides, louver guides and Y axis mortise guide, angled and compound angled joints, single, double (tandem & side-by-side), triple and quadruple joints, and joint sizes from tiny 1/16” x 1/8” to massive 1/2" x 5". It works with virtually any plunge router to produce precise and repeatable joints.

More information is available here.

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