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New Tools - Amana Raised Panel MDF Bits


Amana Tool recently announced its new series of insert technology router bits for cabinet doors in popular profiles including traditional, ogee, bead and cove, simulating traditional stile and rail raised panel doors. Instead of standard brazed carbide tips, each of the seven bits features industrial-quality replaceable carbide knives on Amana’s patented Nova tool body. The new router bits enable cabinet makers, kitchen fabricators, remodelers and construction workers to replicate the look of stile and rail raised panel cabinet doors from MDF, which can later be covered in therm-o-foil to replicate the look of real wood.

Amana’s replaceable router bit knives are made of special hardened sub-micro grade carbide, which is four times harder than materials used in standard brazed router bits. This higher grade of carbide increases the life of the router bit and delivers quality, smooth cuts in harder materials such as MDF and chipboard. Knives can be re-sharpened multiple times without affecting the original tool profile, and the cutting quality and accuracy remain constant during the life of the tool. The new insert technology router bit series is priced comparable to standard router bits but lasts up to four times longer, saving users money during the life of the tool as knives are replaced rather than the entire tool. More information is available here.

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