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Tool News - Cordless Dremel


The Dremel 8200 combines the best of both worlds – the performance of a corded tool and the convenience and flexibility of a cordless tool – making it ideal for outdoor or on-the-go projects that require cutting, sanding, grinding, carving, engraving, routing, cleaning, polishing and more. It features a variable speed range of 5,000 to 30,000 rotations per minute and is compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments, including the MultiSaw and Planer attachments. In addition, an 360-degree grip zone with soft grip gives added comfort and stability. A separate on/off switch and sliding speed-switch were strategically placed so as not to interfere with the grip. The sliding speed-switch features easy-to-read speed markings for accurate settings. A shaft lock mechanism lets users lock the output shaft quickly when changing accessories. More information is available here.




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