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Tool News - Festool Multi-jetstream Abrasives


Festool just announced it will be transitioning all 6” disc abrasives and pads to the new Multi-Jetstream design. The new design provides higher material removal rates, increases airflow, and results in even better dust extraction efficiency. The patented Multi-Jetstream technology improves sanding results through the interaction of intake and exhaust air, which results in time and cost savings. The new pads also incorporate an enhanced, heat-resistant StickFix design to extend both pad and abrasive life, reducing the costs associated with these consumables.

The new and improved design applies to 6” (150 mm) Rotex RO 150, ETS 150/3, ETS 150/5, LEX 2 150/3, and LEX 150/7 sanding pads and abrasives. The new paper works on previous pads, and previous paper works on the new pads, allowing end-users the ability to use their existing supplies, without waste. And, they're priced the same as the sanding pads they're replacing.

More information is available here.