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Tool News - Final Cut 7-1/4" Blade


Final Cut cut just introduced their 7-1/4” Final Cut Saw Blade for use on a standard circular saw. The new 7-1/4” blade turns a circular saw into a cutting and sanding tool, offering a fine finish with every cut. It is the perfect blade for woodworkers, carpenters, contractors and the serious do-it-yourselfer who want to save time by not having to sand the work piece after cutting.

Like the larger 10" and 12" blades already on the market, the new 7-1/4” Final Cut Saw Blade features sanding discs on each side of the blade that allow it to cut and sand the work piece at the same time. It's unique design reduces kick back and eliminates binding and heat build up for longer blade life. The abrasive disc is actually wider than the blade kerf, therefore the stock is cut by the blade and sanded by the disc. Each cut produces a fine, double-sided finish that eliminates the need for sanding. Designed for cross cuts and rips on soft and hard materials, the Final Cut Saw Blade produces precision cut joints and fine finished edges every time. The user can even make minor length adjustments by simply sliding the work piece towards the rotating blade, using it just like a disc sander.

More information is available here.