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Tool News - Wood-Mizer Small Log Processing (SLP) Line


Wood-Mizer Products, Inc. just introduced the Small Log Processing line (SLP) (available now for purchase). The SLP is a series of products that work together to improve industrial efficiency, and consists of the Twin Vertical Saw (TVS), Single Vertical Saw (SVS), a single or a multi-head Horizontal ReSaw, material handling for loading and transferring, and an EG300 MultiRip Edger. The system can be set up in a conventional, in-line arrangement for maximum efficiency, or it can be setup modularly for convenience.

The TVS features two tilted heads which remove the slab from each side of the log. Then the SVS, which also features a tilted head design, splits or removes the third side from a two-sided cant as it comes off of the TVS. From there, the Horizontal ReSaw recovers as many boards as possible. Lastly, the EG300 MultiRip Edger standardizes up to three board sizes for maximum timber recovery.

More information is available here.

Wood-Mizer Small Log Processing Line