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Tool News - Amana E-Z Change Replaceable Head Router Bits


Amana Tool recently announced their new E-Z Change replaceable head router bits. The E-Z Change design enables users to quickly and easily change cutter heads without the need to replace an entire router bit or sharpen the cutting edges. Cabinetmakers, countertop fabricators and other woodworkers can use the new E-Z Change bits for flush trimming, plunging/template work, dado clean out, bevel and no-file applications in laminated materials, MDF, plywood veneers, solid surface, chipboard and hard or soft wood.

The E-Z Change line, which replaces the “Ocemco” system, features essentially disposable carbide-tipped cutters mounted on alloy steel arbors. Amana’s E-Z Change tools are less expensive than standard router bits and also save users money during the life of the tool as the cutting head is replaced rather than the entire tool.

E-Z Change profiles include plunging/template, flush trim, dado clean out, bevel and no-file, each of which contains a shank body, a carbide-tipped cutter and a bearing. For more information on E-Z Change router bits, visit Amana Tool.

Amana E-Z Change Replaceable Head Router Bits

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