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Well-Equipped Shop - Lignomat Mini-Ligno E/D Moisture Meter


Compact Digital Moisture Meter Delivers Precise Results


Lignomat Mini-Ligo E/D Moisture Meter


Knowing the moisture content of your wood before using it is important. If your lumber has been sitting for a while or if you enjoy milling your own boards, a moisture meter could be the difference between an heirloom table and kindling.


Lignomat’s Mini-Ligno E/D is perfect for woodworkers. It is straightforward and easy to use. The digital readout displays moisture content in 0.1% increments below 10% and 1% increments above 10%. The moisture range (6-45%) is low enough for furniture builders, cabinetmakers and professional woodworkers, yet high enough for construction lumber and woodturning. The meter also comes with both 3/16” and 7/16” pin probes for different wood thicknesses. The Mini-Ligno E/D measures moisture content in wood groups two and three, which include most common American and tropical soft and hard woods. A temperature corrected reading chart is also included. One thing that we really liked about the design is that the cap doubles as a comfortable pushing base when in use.


Source: Lignomat USA Ltd,, (503) 257-8957, Lignomat Mini-Ligno E/D, #ED-0, $125.