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DeWalt Router System







Routers with interchangeable bases aren’t new,but DeWalt’s entry, available early this fall, is gonna make waves. This system is thoughtfully engineered to include user-friendly features at a competitive price.

First,you get to choose from two motors,an 11-amp,1-3/4- hp single-speed (24,000 rpm) model or a 12-amp, 2-1/4-hp model with soft-starting electronic variable speed (8,000 to 24,000 rpm).

Second, in both motors, the power cord unplugs from the motor housing. This is great for safety and convenience, whether you’re changing bits or bases. The on/off switch is sealed to prevent failure caused by dust contamination.

Third, the motor’s compact design gives the routers a low center of gravity.Weighing more than 7 lb. each, they feel substantial, yet well-balanced. All three bases are equipped with cam locks and quick-release latches, so the motors are easy to install and remove. A simple-to-use gauge allows you to precisely center the bit in the base.

Finally, the fixed and D-handle bases incorporate a newly designed depth-adjustment ring that raises the motor vertically, so the on/off switch and the cord stay put.The switch and cord can be located on the right or left side (left-handers, rejoice!). The plunge base has machined-brass bushings, a depthadjustment knob and five-step depth stop, and through-thecolumn dust extraction,enhanced by a bit-surrounding dust shroud. All three bases are equipped with clear Lexan sub-bases, for better visibility.

Combination kits include both fixed and plunge bases and one of the motors (1-3/4 hp; $199, 2-1/4 hp; $249). All components are also available separately.








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