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Smaller Parallel-Jaw Clamps






Bessey’s UniKlamps are a smaller, lighter-weight version of their innovative K-Body parallel-jaw clamps. UniKlamps have 3-in. jaw capacity and come in 6-, 12- and 18-in. lengths. K-body clamps have 3-1/2-in. jaws and range in length from 12 in. to 60 in.

Parallel-jaw clamps are great because they distribute clamping pressure along the entire length of their jaws.They work no matter how or where you position the workpiece between their jaws. Standard adjustable clamps only apply pressure at the tip, are sometimes hard to position and often leave dimples and black stains on the workpiece. 

UniKlamps have non-marring, glue-repellent jaws.A foot at the end of the bar allows the clamp to sit upright, for benchtop clamping. It pivots to double as a storage hook. The lower, sliding jaw can be reversed and used as a spreader. Unfortunately, these desirable features come at a price. Although priced a third less than their larger and heavier K-body cousins, UniKlamps cost twice as much as standard adjustable clamps of the same size.






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