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Bosch Daredevil Bit

The new Daredevil spade bits from Bosch feature threaded, conical tips. This allows for easier and quicker drilling. Little force is needed to start the hole, as the threads pull the bit into the wood down. Their patented spur and reamer design scores holes for a clean entry, and the angled cutting edges ream the hole for reduced breakout. The paddle is also contoured to bring debris up and out of the hole, allowing the bit to move more quickly and cleanly. Bosch claims this bit to be 2.4 times faster drilling through wood than a normal spade bit, and our tests show that they are indeed faster. All of this thought results in very clean holes drilled quickly and easily.

If you’re going to be drilling a lot of holes, or at awkward angles, the time and energy that these bits save could be well worth it. Though designed with handheld drills in mind, these bits perform just as well on a drill press, using clamps and a sacrificial board to achieve the cleanest results. They come in 4”, 6” and 16” lengths with sizes ranging from 1/2” all the way to 1-1/2” as well as in sets of eight bits. 6” and 12” extension shafts are available as well.

Source: Bosch Tools,, (877) 267-2499, DareDevil Spade Bits, $2.56 to $11.34 depending on size and length, Sets range from $9.60 to $45.66.