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Well-Equipped Shop - DeWalt XRP Drills


Three Powerful Drills


DeWalt XRP Drill

The new DeWalt XRP drills are serious tools, built to last. They feature a high-power, high-efficiency motor that provides plenty of muscle for drilling and fastening. The transmission has three speeds to adjust torque for different applications. The metal gears and gear case allows the transmission to dissipate heat efficiently and effectively. In use at our shop, these barely even warmed up even after driving in 400 consecutive screws on a single charge.

One very nice feature is the self-tightening chuck. It’s designed to have greater holding strength than traditional ratcheting chucks, and it self-tightens during use. This means that you don’t have to worry about your bits coming loose in the middle of a project.

The drills come in 18 volt, 14.4 volt and 12 volt sizes and are powered by NiCad batteries. Because these drills are heavier than many other cordless offerings, you might want to consider upgrading to a lithium battery, which boasts a substantially lighter weight with the same run-time as the standard Ni-Cad.

Source: DeWalt,, (800) 433-9258, Heavy-Duty 18V 1/2" XRP Cordless Drill/Driver, #DCD940KX, $279, 14.4V 1/2" XRP Drill/Driver, #DCD920KX, $199, 12V 1/2" XRP Drill/Driver, #DCD910KX, $179.