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New formulas provide strong, flexible bond


Gorilla Epoxy and Gorilla Super Glue


These offerings from Gorilla Glue bring a couple very useful bonding agents to woodworkers. They aren’t intended to replace wood glues in the shop, but having an epoxy and a superglue (cyanoacrylate/CA) in your toolbox is invaluable when you need them.

Epoxies have been around for a long time. Modern boat builders have used them extensively because of their water-resistance and strength. In the shop, a small bottle of epoxy is useful for quick repairs and gap filling. Gorilla Epoxy is perfect for gluing joints or parts where the gap exceeds the thickness of a sheet of paper. It’s also useful in multi-material pieces, as it bonds wood, steel, aluminum and ceramic among others. The resin and hardener epoxy have similar viscosities, which makes using the syringe dispenser for even and exact application of the epoxy easy.

Gorilla Super Glue is quick curing (30-60 seconds) and useful in precision gluing applications. Unlike traditional super glues, this one is impact resistant (small rubber particles are mixed in with the glue), which come in handy when mending a handle or part that’s likely to be exposed to vibration or other abuse. It’s thicker consistency gives more control in application and spreads evenly with a short five to 10 minute clamping time. It doesn’t run on vertical surfaces, making it useful for a variety of repair applications, like gluing down loose veneer or quickly bonding broken trim work.

Source: Gorilla Glue,, (800) 966-3458, Epoxy, $5.99, Super Glue, $4.99.