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Well-Equipped Shop - Jorgenson Gear Clamp, Lever Clamp and ISD3 Expandable Clamp


Bar Clamp Trio


Jorgenson Lever Clamp

Jorgenson recently introduced a trio of newly designed bar clamps. The Lever Clamp comes in 6” and 12” capacities and is perfect for assembly work, where a lightweight, quickly adjustable clamp can make things so much easier. Strength isn’t sacrificed, however, and the lever clamp gives plenty of clamping pressure for smaller jobs. Nearly instantaneous clamp removal is possible with the clever lever/trigger design. Rubber padded feet won’t mar your clamping surface, and flat- bottomed jaws allow the clamp to stand on its own, another very useful feature.


Jorgenson Gear Clamp


Another new introduction is the Gear Clamp. Available in 4”, 8” and 12” capacities, we found it perfect for clamping to the bench top because of the angle and placement of the lever, though it’s sure to be useful in a variety of other small assem- bly jobs. The ratcheting action of the lever is solid and won’t slip, and a push-button release makes removal a snap. Like the Lever Clamp, it also stands on its own. This geared clamp has a metal clamping foot, but it’s big enough that you don’t need to worry too much about marring your work.


Jorgenson ISD3 Expandable Clamp


The ISD3 Expandable Clamp is an ingenious device. By itself it’s similar to other clamps on the market, a lightweight, yet strong bar clamp. The real break- through comes in the design of the foot that allows two of the clamps to be used in tandem for larger clamping jobs. Just squeeze the handle to increase clamping pressure and click the trigger to release it. The foot can be removed and reversed for use as a spreader clamp. These clamps are sold individually or in 2-piece kits.


Source: Adjustable Clamp Company,, (312) 666-0640, Jorgensen 4” Gear Clamp (38004), 8” Gear Clamp (38008), 12” Gear Clamp (38012), $27.99-$34.99; Jorgensen 6” Lever Clamp (38406), 12” Lever Clamp (38412), $24.99-$26.99; Jorgensen 6”, 12”, 18”, 24” or 36” ISD3 Expandable Clamp, $18.99- $28.99; Jorgensen 6” 2-Piece ISD3 Expandable Clamp Kit (33506) $34.99, 12” 2-Piece ISD3 Expandable Clamp Kit (33512) $39.99.