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Product News - Osbourne Wood Products Table Slides


Osborne Wood Products recently announced a selection of table extension slides as part of their inventory expansion for Fall of 2010. They carry table slides for standard tables that accommodate openings from 26” to 120”.  They also offer equalizer slides will permit openings on pedestal tables from 25 1/2” to 79”.  The new products were shown at the IWF in Atlanta the end of August and customer response was very positive.


The invention of the actual extension table is generally credited to Englishman, Robert Gillow in the early eighteenth century.  The mechanisms devised by Gillow to permit table extensions largely remain unchanged.  The table slide, which is used for opening and extending standard four leg tables, consists of a series of parallel boards that are able to slide back and forth on smooth joinery with a male and female butterfly notch routed along the edge for support.  Tabletops that are supported on a single pedestal require an equalizer slide that incorporates a rack and pinion system to ensure that the tops open and close easily while staying in balance. In both instances, these are essentially the same designs Osbourne Wood Products offers.


For more information, head on over to Osbourne Wood Products.