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Tool News - General Tools E∙Z Pro Pocket Hole Jig, Jointer Clamp and Doweling Jig


General Tools has recently expanded their line of precision wood joining jigs. The E∙Z Pro Pocket Hole Jig is good for quickly producing sturdy, attractive pocket hole joints in a variety of applications, including leg and rail joints, table and leg joints, cabinet construction or picture frames. The E∙Z Pro Doweling Jig is useful for joints that need to be strong and fastener-free. This kit offers a simple, versatile way to produce precision edge-to-edge, right angle or edge-to-surface joints. The E∙Z Pro Jointer Clamp provides a simple alternative to expensive jointers. With this kit, woodworkers can straight-line rip crooked boards using just a table saw with a rip fence.


EZ Pro Pocket Hole Jig

General Tools EZ Pro Pocket Hole Jig


EZ Pro Jointer Clamp

General Tools EZ Pro Jointer Clamp


EZ Pro Dowling Jig

General Tools EZ Pro Doweling Jig