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Well-Equipped Shop - No-Math Dado Setup


No-Math Dado Setup

In-between size dadoes are much easier to set up using this go/no-go gauge from Infinity. Usually you have to make a lot of trial-and-error cuts to create a tight groove for an in-between piece of wood, such as an undersized piece of plywood. The Infinity gauge simplifies all that guesswork. You just put your piece in the closest-fitting slot and read the label next to it. The gauge tells you exactly what combination of chipbreakers and shims you need, without any measuring.

The gauge is designed for Infinity dado sets, but it could easily be adapted for use with other ones. It’s a great idea: Anything that quickly takes care of the details, like setting up a dado, allows you to spend more time focusing on the big picture.


Infinity Cutting Tools,, 877-872-2487, Dado Measuring Gauge, DMG-800, $29.99.