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Tool News - Elmer's Glue-All Max


Elmer's just announced Glue-All Max, a new addition to their line of woodworking glues. Glue-All Max is a polyurethane glue that's useful for green lumber and outdoor projects. The addition of Glue-All Max extends the multipurpose traits of Glue-All into the garage and outdoors. The new "Max" version provides a stronger bond and is weather proof, sandable and paintable. It can bond a variety of substrates, like metal, wood, plastic and stone. Elmer's unique Glue-All Max formula provides a more consistent experience with less mess. People looking for a longer lasting, stronger bond should consider the new Glue-All Max, while Glue-All remains a good choice for interior projects and for bonding porous and semi-porous surfaces like wood, pottery, paper and cloth.


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