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Make Your Own Flooring

Let's say you've found a way to get a lot of lumber for next to nothing. You’re working on your house, and you want to mill some of that wood for molding; no problem, there are lots of router bits available for that. You’re ambitious, and you also want to make your own floors. Can you find bits specifically tailored for this job? Yes—Infinity now has them.

Infinity’s Floor Making bits have 1/2" shanks and are designed to work with material up to 1-1/8" thick. One bit creates a rounded tongue, which makes assembling a floor much easier. (A standard tongue-and-groove set creates a square tongue, which doesn’t slip into a groove quite as nicely.)

The tongue-forming bit also cuts the bottom edge of each board at a 1/2° slant, tapering inward from top to bottom. When two flooring boards made by these bits come together, there will be a small gap at the bottom. This unique innovation was suggested to Infinity by a professional flooring installer, who found that dust and debris on the subfloor prevented boards from nesting tight against each other. The gap provides a cavity for that debris.



Infinity Cutting Tools,, 877-872-2487, Floor Making Router Bit Set, #61-509, $120.