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VacuPress Vacuum Press

Take your woodworking to new places.

If you’d like to venture into new areas of woodworking, take a look at what a vacuum press can do. It’s the high-tech alternative to using dozens of clamps to press veneer or glue-up curved parts from thin

The principle of a vacuum press is really quite simple: a pump creates a vacuum inside a sturdy, sealable, airtight bag. Atmospheric pressure (about 10 -12 PSI, effectively) presses on top of the bag to squish anything placed inside, such as veneer on a panel –like shrink-wrapping. It’s a lot easier than using lots of cauls and clamps, but the real beauty of the system is that the bag forms equally well around flat or curved surfaces. All you need is a wooden form in the shape of the curve.

At its most basic, a vacuum press only requires three parts: a pump, a bag, and a hose to connect them. It’s possible to cobble together your own press, but a commercial press is generally sturdier and more reliable. Vacuum Pressing Systems, Inc. is one company that specializes in small vacuum presses for the home shop and small production shops. They offer a full range of VacuPress products for folks who will only use a press once in a while to those whose business requires a more robust press to run every day. The VacuPress staff has years of woodworking experience and can help you troubleshoot any problem. They also host a forum on their website for users to exchange ideas and help one another master this powerful technology.



Vacuum Pressing Systems,, 207-725-0935, VacuPress, see website for prices of various systems.