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Winter 2013-2014

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Well-Equipped Shop - JDS Multi-Router


JDS Multi-Router

The Ultimate in Router Joinery

If you’re still searching for a better way to make furniture joints, join the crowd. Many woodworkers are looking for a system that’s precise, repeatable, and fast–and one that can handle angled and curved parts, too. Here’s one solution: the JDS Multi-Router.

It may look complicated, but the Multi-Router is easy to figure out. First, there’s a router (which you supply) horizontally mounted on a plate that adjusts up and down. Then there’s a table that slides back and forth, and in and out, on linear bearings. Two arms that you manipulate by hand control the table’s motion. You can use a set of stops to limit the table’s travel or trace a steel template with a stylus to make perfectly sized mortises and tenons. Standard hold-downs or optional pneumatic clamps keep your workpiece firmly locked in place.

The Multi-Router’s versatility makes it ideal for custom furnituremaking. You can make standard mortise and tenon joints, floating-tenon joints, compound angle mortise and tenon joints, through dovetails, box joints, sliding dovetails, and round tenons. Check out the 30-minute instructional video on the website below to get a closer look at how the Multi-Router works and what it can do.



JDS,, 800-480-7269, JDS Multi-Router, $2,695.