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Well-Equipped Shop - Improved Digital Planer Gauge


Improved Digital Planer Gauge

If you've been looking for a thickness gauge for your planer that’s easier to read, there’s really only one game in town: the Wixey Digital Readout. Wixey fi rst introduced their gauge about 10 years ago, and while it certainly was accurate, it could have been more userfriendly. Wixey has now addressed these shortcomings and redesigned the gauge. It’s a little taste of woodworking heaven.

The new WR510 has an angled display that’s easy to read without bending over. (The older model had a vertical display, like the stock gauges on most planers.) The new gauge also has an auto shutoff to prolong the battery’s life. (If you forgot to press the Off button on the old model—which we often did—the gauge would stay on indefi nitely.) The WR510 also has improved mounting hardware, and is designed to easily fi t many brands of planers.

As for the readout, you could hardly ask for more. It reads in decimal inches, millimeters and—best of all—in fractions. Depending on the mode you select, you can either tell exactly how thick the board is coming out the back end of the planer or how much more you have to take off to reach a pre-determined thickness.



Wixey,, Planer Digital Readout, WR510, $60.