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Well-Equipped Shop - Premium Countersink Bits


Premium Countersink Bits

Even the humble countersink bit can be improved, right? A new set of these bits from Woodworker’s Supply takes up where generic sets leave off. The new bits make absolutely smooth holes, defy clogging and come with a set of stop collars unlike any you’ve seen before.

The set contains four bits matched for #6, #8, #10 and #12 screws. The countersink bodies are 3/8" dia. for the #6, #8 and #10 bits, and 1/2" dia. for the #12 bit. They are hardened to Rc64 for a long life and are 1-1/4" long, allowing you to drill a deep, accurate counterbore. As with all countersink bits, you can vary the drill bit’s length by loosening a set screw. However, these bits have two set screws, an arrangement that further prevents the bit from slipping.

Two stop collars are included: one for the #6, #8 and #10 bits, and one for the #12 bit. A white nylon ring spins freely on the end of each stop collar to prevent the collar from marring the wood. The stop collars also have “windows" above the ring to allow chips to eject, a convenient feature most stop collars don’t have. The set is packaged in a handsome burl-fi nish box, worthy of the fi ne tools inside.



Woodworker’s Supply,, 800-645-9292, Four-bit Straight Countersink Set with 3/8" RTS-2000 Plug Cutter, #964-370, $73.