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Sharpen Spade Bits and More

The first and only spade-bit sharpener on the market, the Drill Doctor DDSB, might make you take another look at these bits for serious woodworking. They’re a heck of a lot cheaper than Forstner bits.

Most spade bits—even new ones, right out of the package—leave a ragged surface inside a hole. But given a really sharp edge, which this machine can deliver, they’re capable of doing much better.

Grinding a spade bit on the Drill Doctor DDSB guarantees that both cutting edges will be in the same plane and that the point will remain centered—a geometry that’s very hard to achieve if you sharpen spade bits by hand. Both factors help make a spade bit run true.

The DDSB is a further refi nement of the Drill Doctor line. Drill Doctors are well-known, reliable machines for sharpening twist bits. Using the same technology, the DDSB can sharpen twist bits as well, from 3/32" to 1/2".



Darex,, 800-597-6170, Drill Doctor Model DDSB, $130.