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Small Size, Big Features

Cramped for space? If so, this new compact scroll saw from General International may be just the answer. The Excalibur EX-16 will easily store on a shelf—it’s only 15" wide, 27" deep and 17" high. Full-size Excalibur scroll saws are well-known for their excellent performance; the new EX-16 meets the same standards.

Like its larger cousins, the EX-16’s head tilts, not the table. That’s a real advantage. Your workpiece stays level, giving you better control for intricate cuts. The EX-16 also utilizes a parallel-link arm to minimize vibration. The larger Excaliburs have the same type of arm.

This saw has a 16" throat capacity and a maximum cutting depth of 2". Its table is 12" wide by 18-1/2" deep. The blade tilts up to 45° in either direction. The motor has a variable speed control, going from 400 to 1400 strokes per minute.

Blade changes are toolless, and speed and tension controls are conveniently located. An onboard dust blower keeps the blade clean and the work surface clear of dust, so you see precisely where you’re cutting.



General International,, 888-949-1161, 16" Scroll Saw, Model EX-16, $575.