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Tool News - BESSEY Self-Adjusting Toggle Clamps


BESSEY Self-Adjusting Toggle Clamps

With the new self-adjusting toggle clamps from BESSEY, work pieces of differing thicknesses can be quickly and securely clamped for machining.

This is thanks to uniquely self-adjusting jaw height feature of the BESSEY toggle clamp. This feature makes them ideally suited for small-scale production of a variety of products.

BESSEY supplies two different models of these new and extremely versatile toggle clamps: there are two versions of the horizontal clamp – where the lever is horizontal in the clamped position – and a single version of the push/pull clamp – where the lever movement is converted into an axial movement of the push/pull rod.

The special feature of both models is the automatic, continuously variable adjustment to different work piece heights and widths; while the clamping force remains virtually unchanged. The continuously variable jaw height is 45 mm for the STC-HH50 horizontal toggle clamp and up to 65 mm for the STC-HH70. The STC-IHH25 push/pull clamp can be variably adjusted for throat depths by up to 25 mm. As the clamping force remains almost unchanged within these clamping ranges, it makes time-consuming manual adjustment of the pressure screw unnecessary. This results in quick and efficient work.

The clamping force of the toggle clamp is up to 2,500 N and can be adjusted simply by turning the set screw on the cantilevered joint. This guarantees secure but gentle clamping of the work piece being processed. This is also aided by the removable protective cap on the pressure plate.

BESSEY self-adjusting toggle clamps offer even more advantages. The base plate with a hole pattern for metric and imperial sizes enables a fast and secure set-up of the rapid-action clamps and, clamping of the work piece is easier, thanks to the large, ergonomically designed 2-component plastic handle.

Depending on the model, BESSEY self-adjusting toggle clamps cost between 19.90 and 20.90 Euro (recommended retail price plus VAT).