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Tool News - DEWALT 15 Ounce Framing Hammer


DEWALT 15 Ounce Framing Hammer

The world’s first 15 ounce all-steel, framing hammer offers a powerful, lightweight solution for driving and removing nails.

DEWALT® announced today the launch of its 15 Ounce Framing Hammer (DWHT51138) as part of its new line of industrial hand tools. Due to its innovative design, this framing hammer (DWHT51138) is lighter and more powerful than conventional framing hammers, offering contractors a solution that can tackle nearly all professional wood framing applications on the jobsite while minimizing arm fatigue.

“Traditionally, hammers as heavy as 28 or even 32 ounces were the industry standard in framing applications; however, the trend is moving toward lighter hand and power tools,” said Ian Harney, global product manager, hammers and demolition tools. “Extensive jobsite research with professionals has led our engineering team to use MIG Weld Technology to match the weight of leading titanium hammers while maintaining the strength and durability that DEWALT end users demand. This innovation delivers the power professionals need to maximize their level of productivity while minimizing arm fatigue.”

The product also features a magnetic nail holding slot to efficiently set nails which will offer speed and accessibility in hard to reach areas.Complete with a limited lifetime warranty, this 15 ounce framing hammer will be available at The Home Depot as well as independent distributors beginning in June 2011. The DEWALT 15 Ounce Framing Hammer is expected to retail for approximately $59.99.

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