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Tool News - The BESSEY PS130 Seaming Tool


The BESSEY PS130 Seaming Tool

The classic small seaming tool now has a big brother.

If you want to precisely position sheets of smooth material, you need professional tools. Ten years after the launch of the smaller PS55, the new BESSEY PS130 seaming tool with a larger jaw width is the ideal aid for clamping large, heavy sheets.

The new BESSEY PS130 seaming tool provides craftsmen with an optimum solution for clamping and positioning large, heavy components with smooth surfaces. These include granite, Corian, plastic, sheet metal, glass, and even artificial stone. The required vacuum and the associated high clamping force of up to 1,200 N is generated by means of manually operated vacuum pumps. The vacuum can be checked by a marking ring on the pump. If this becomes visible, repeated pumping is required. To release the seaming tool, simply press the release button on the vacuum pumps and the vacuum disappears. The distance between the two suction discs can be adjusted from 0-130mm. The user can quickly change the distance between the two suction discs by means of the quick adjusting screw. Once this is released, the discs can be moved along the guide rails until they are in the right position. The BESSEY all-steel rails, which run in anodised aluminium profiles, keep the suction discs on precisely the same level, even under high clamping pressures. This guarantees a precise finished result.

The dimensions of the PS130 seaming tool are 215 x 770 mm. It weighs 4.6 kg and costs 449.00 Euro (Recommended retail price plus VAT).

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