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Tool News - DeWALT 25 Foot Short Tape


DeWALT 25 Foot Short Tape

New 25 foot short tape with 13 foot blade standout reduces manpower needs on the jobsite.

DEWALT® announced today the launch of its 1.25 inch, 25 Foot Short Tape (DWHT33385) as part of its new industrial hand tools line-up. The tape measure features an oversized end hook for high grabbing capability on jobsite materials, as well as 13 feet of blade standout to maximize productivity and ease-of-use. Both features allow the user to work alone where standard tapes fall short of the task.

“The new 1.25 inch, 25 Foot Short Tape touts several product innovations to help contractors become as efficient as possible on the jobsite,” said Tom Chang, global product manager, tape rules. “Standard tape measures feature end hooks that can only grasp materials from the bottom; however, our end hook can also grasp materials from the top and sides, making it easier to measure even the most challenging materials on the jobsite. In addition, the new tape offers 13 feet of blade standout and a durable, rubber slide lock that can withstand the daily rigors of jobsite abuse. Our tape measure also has a Mylar®* coating to protect the blade from wear and tear.”

A patented technology, using a specially designed 3M Thermoplastic film adhered to the first six inches of the blade, extends the lifespan of the product compared to competitive units without the technology. The tape measure also includes a high visibility blade, allowing contractors to see the blade in poor lighting conditions.

The 1.25 inch, 25 Foot Short Tape will be available starting in June 2011 at The Home Depot as well as independent distributors. Complete with a limited lifetime warranty, the tape is expected to retail for approximately $24.99.