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Rockler's New Router Bit Collection


Rockler’s Custom Cabinet Door Program

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has expanded its custom cabinet door program to include even more edge and panel profile choices with the expansion of its existing door and drawer router bit collection. The newest cutters add to a comprehensive line of bits that allow cabinetmakers and do-it-yourselfers to match the profiles of their Rockler custom cabinet doors and drawers to other elements in the home. 

The newly released router bits include edge bits, rail and stile bits, and horizontal raised panel bits. The horizontal raised panel bits have a back cutter that rabbets the back edge of the panel, making a perfect panel-to-groove fit every time. 

Rockler's easy online ordering system for doors and drawers starts with the selection of panel styles and edges from a wide variety of classic to contemporary choices. After a wood species is chosen, existing doors and drawers are measured for height and width. Rockler's customer service technicians are available to help with everything from measurement questions to determining which hinge works best.

The new router bit collection includes:

  • Three panel bits: Cove (40958, $134.99 retail), Ogee (40954, $129.99 retail), and Straight (40953, $134.99 retail); cut a profile on the front of a door and the rabbet on the back, in just one pass. They also perform with remarkable consistency, cutting a 1/4" tongue and perfect panel edge thicknesses for tight-fitting rails and stiles.
  • Four rail and stile bits: Ogee (40951, $47.99 retail), Decorative Ogee (40950, $49.99 retail), Roman Ogee (40947, $37.49 retail), and a Twin Step Ogee (40948, $39.99 retail). 

Edge bits are also available and include: a pair of Mini Round Overs (20969 and 21004, 18.99 each retail), an Ogee (91683, 39.99 retail), a pair of Tongue-and-Groove bits (92134 and 92145, 54.99 each retail), and three 2-pc. sets (Round, 92013; Bead, 91947; Ogee, 40370; 89.99 each retail). 

All bits are available at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware stores nationwide, Rockler's independent resellers,, or in the Rockler catalog. For store locations or a free catalog, please visit or call 1-877-ROCKLER.