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Trend Double Sided Diamond Bench Stone


Trend Double Sided Diamond Bench Stone

“The new Trend double sided 8 “ x 3” Classic Precision Workshop Double Sided Diamond bench stone has features that will change the face of sharpening with diamond bench stones” stated James Barry, He continued, “The unique clearance channels in the diamond stone produce cleaner and faster cuts and the unique diamond shaped surface prevents snagging when sharpening small or pointed tools. I refer to this stone as the Classic Stone because of its brilliant design and function. I am always striving with Trend to develop and improve on existing products and choices for the end user and this stone does exactly that.”

The new Trend bench stone is pre-ground to a tolerance of up to +/- 0.0005 inch flatness. It has a 1000 grit (15 micron) side for razor edge sharpening and it has a 300 grit (50 micron) coarse side that is ideal for fixing and restoring damaged edges on chisel and plane irons. The diamond grade is embossed on both sides for ease of recognition.

Barry concluded his comments on the Trend Classic Stone by stating, “I strongly recommend that one utilizes Trend Lapping Fluid to prevent clogging or rusting and to assist in keeping the tools clean and don’t use pressure on the diamond stone – let the diamond do the work and you will be absolutely amazed at the results!”

The DWS/CP8/FC Classic Stone comes equipped with fabric tool holder, non-slip mat and cleaning block. The list price is $153.82

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