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Trend Standard Diamond Three Inch Tapered File


Trend Standard Diamond Three Inch Tapered File

Trend Routing Technology has introduced three unique and innovative diamond sharpening products to the North American marketplace. There are two 3” diamond tapered files and a double sided Machinist flat file, which along with the popular existing 6” file completes the most comprehensive range and choice to the end user.

Standard Diamond Three Inch Tapered File (Trend Item #DWS/TF3/F)

Following the feedback received from the Wood Turning fraternity and woodworkers in general, James Barry (designer of the Trend diamond sharpening range) has designed a new 3” inch diamond taper file. This standard Trend file has features that include: a redesigned smaller handle, 3 inch 400 grit (40 micron), medium cut, monocrystalline diamond with flat top and convex back and continuous diamond surface.

Barry stated, “Wood turners told us that they liked the 6” tapered round / flat file but they would prefer a smaller version. They requested a redesigned smaller handle, which allows more control when sharpening and is easier to hold and they also requested a 3” length.”

“The new redesigned standard three inch taper file is suitable for all wood turning tools, flutes, skews, ring tools, gouges etc. and sharpens carbide tipped tooling in seconds. Its unique size allows access to hard to get at places and as with all of the Trend diamond files, optimum results are achieved when the files are utilized with very little pressure, “I recommend using little more pressure then the weight of the file itself!” stated Barry.

The DWS/TF3/F standard taper file has a price of $43.55.

Diamond 3 Inch Mini Tapered File (Trend Item #DWS/TF3/MF)

“We also have introduced another new 3” diamond taper file to complete the most comprehensive tapered file range available to the woodworker. Barry stated, “woodworkers, especially carvers, told us that they would also like a smaller version of the popular 6” tapered file and they would also prefer a smaller redesigned handle. Further, they requested a smaller and thinner cutting surface than the other new 3” file so that access to smaller areas can be achieved.

The result from their feedback is the Trend Mini Tapered File. ” Features of this file include: three inch blade with flat top and convex back, fine 600 grit (25 micron) electroplated monocrystalline diamond and continuous diamond surface. “

Barry stressed, “this new mini 3” diamond taper file is ideal for carvers and turners that need to get into small areas such as small flutes in carving tools and shaped tooling. Also, it is also ideal for woodworkers that need to sharpen carbide tipped tooling and it is especially useful for sharpening hard to get at places such as contours on shaper cutter insert knives.

Finally this file can be used to great effect on any type of rotary wood cutting blade.” Barry also stated, “Really, the choice between these two new files is down to the individuals’ requirements and which file better suits his own needs. However; in Europe, woodworkers understand the difference in the tools and many woodworkers are utilizing both tapered files. ”

The DWS/TF3M/F mini taper file has a list price of $37.74.

Diamond Machinist Double Sided Flat File (Item # DWS/MF/FC)

“I have witnessed dissatisfaction in the market place over the quality of the cheap single sided toothbrush type files. They don’t stand up to repeated use and sometimes the diamond plate comes away from the thin cheap plastic base,” observed James Barry. He continued, “ With this in mind, we have introduced the Double Sided Machinist file. It consists of two individual diamond surfaces - fine & coarse – and they are separately molded into a heavy duty ABS black plastic handle.”

“ It is ideal for sharpening turning tools, carbide inserts, metal working lathe tools, and in most applications where it is important to keep the hands away from the work surface” stated James Barry. Barry added, “The beauty of the machinist file is that it is rugged and it is versatile. It can be utilized as a file or as a slip stone and with a 600 grit (25 micron) side and a 300 grit (50 micron) side, it offers the capacity to produce fine razor sharp edges or for coarse applications such as deburring edges.

The Machinist File is an important addition to the Trend Diamond file range and I foresee it being utilized by wide range of woodworking enthusiasts and in a multitude of industrial applications.”

The # DWS/MF/FC Machinist Stone has grit size clearly marked on the handle to avoid confusion and like all Trend diamond stones and files, it has a five year guarantee.

The price on the machinist stone is $37.74.

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