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General's Digital Layout Tools


General's Digital Layout Tools

There’s a new breed of T-bevel available that professional woodworkers, carpenters and craftspeople—not to mention DIYers—can rely on to save time and increase accuracy. The new Digital Sliding T-Bevel (Model #828) [Patent Pending] from General Tools & Instruments (General®) takes the guesswork out of angle measurement and duplication, and eliminates the problems associated with interpreting analog readings and transferring manual measurements. The Digital Sliding T-Bevel is a 2011 Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award winner. It is the newest addition to General’s family of digital layout tools, all of which were designed in-house by General’s engineering team.

The innovative Digital Sliding T-Bevel is the first and only digital T-bevel to hit the market. It is the perfect tool for measuring, storing and transferring inside and outside angles when doing fine carpentry; building cabinets, furniture and picture frames; installing tile and more. It operates as both a digital T-bevel and a protractor.

This highly accurate precision specialty tool offers easy-to-read angle measurements via a large LCD display and integrates an 8 in. stainless steel blade with a steel locking knob. The Digital T-Bevel features a resolution of +/-0.05° and can measure angles ranging from 0° to 360° in any plane to an accuracy of +/-0.3°, making it ideal for a variety of applications. The tool also features practical function buttons (zero calibration, hold/reverse, flip), auto shut-off and a two-year battery life.

General’s Family of Digital Layout Tools also includes:

  • 5" and 10" Digital Angle Finders (Model Nos. 822 and 823)
  • Digital Precision Protractor (Model #1702)

The 5" and 10" Digital Angle Finders (Model Nos. 822 and 823) [Patent Pending] are two new time-saving tools that easily and accurately measure inside, outside and reverse angles. Features include digital readout, twin rules graduated in inches and millimeters, reverse angle and hold buttons, and a locking knob. These ingenious tools are ideal for framing, custom furniture-building, stair and patio construction, flooring, tiling—basically all woodworking, carpentry and contractor needs in the shop or in the field.

Digital Precision Protractor (Model #1702) [Patent Pending] This improved tool displays absolute and relative angle measurements in a large, easy-to-read LCD window, making it ideal for work involving crown moldings, cabinetry, counters, staircases, roofs, windows and flooring. It features a 6 in. (150mm) stainless steel pivoting arm with a knurled locking nut, along with zero calibration and hold/reverse buttons. The display can be inverted easily for reading when the tool is upside down.

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