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Tool News - Laguna Tools New IQ CNC Machine


The new Laguna IQ CNC Router redefines the future of computer numerical control in woodworking. The Laguna IQ is simply a smaller version of the popular Laguna SmartShop technology. The machine boasts smaller footprint with the same accuracy and cut quality of much larger machines. Two machines are available for immediate delivery: the IQ HHC and the IQ Pro with a touch-screen interface. >Introduced in July 2011, the IQ machine includes technology for woodworkers that did not exist until now. The idea of using CNC (computer numerical controlled) machines in woodworking changes the face of woodworking today, and the IQ machines deliver on that promise. Developed entirely in-house at Laguna Tools, the IQ fills a gap in the market that was not served for the small shop and individual woodworker.

The IQ bridges the gap between larger, costly CNC machine tables and smaller, less capable machines at an affordable price. The IQ series’ technical aspects are similar between the two machines sold by Laguna Tools. Each has a 36" x 24" x 4" working envelope – the largest in its class. Both have 2hp liquid- cooled spindles for quiet operation, cast-iron table bases and German linear bearings for smooth operation. The machines also run industry standard G-code to interface with any CAM software package. >All IQ series machines include an industry first for Laguna: B&R industrial-grade PLC-based controllers. B&R is an Austrian machine controller company known for its accuracy and precision in building million-dollar machines for many of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Laguna Tools partnered with B&R to bring its technology and expertise to the IQ.

“The B&R controller on the IQ surpasses any technology in this category and allows the operator the most accuracy and durability on any CNC machine on the market,” said Product Development Director Shawn Buinicky. The major difference between the IQ HHC and the IQ Pro lies in the touch-screen controller of the Pro. The IQ Pro’s expanded capabilities gives the user more control over his CNC experience and allows the device to connect to a computer network, such as WiFi, for monitoring and job loading. The touch controller also is PC-free and standalone so that there is no need for a computer.

The IQ HHC and the IQ Pro are available today from Laguna Tools and its distributors. The Laguna HHC starts at $4,995, and the IQ Pro with Touch Controller starts at $6,495.

Laguna Tools, based in Irvine, Calif., has been leading the industry in woodworking innovations for 25 years and continues to challenge the industry with new advancements. At Laguna Tools, we aim to be “globally local” by investing our time, support, products and services into many community outreach programs. For more information on the Laguna Tools quality line of performance products, please call 1-800-234-1976 or visit our website at">



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