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Baghouse Bags by American Fabric Filter Co.


Baghouse Bags by American Fabric Filter Co.

High efficiency, long-lasting baghouse filters

Although there are only three basic types of baghouses - shaker, pulse, and reverse air – there are hundreds of different styles of bags. At American Fabric Filter Company we understand that a baghouse system works only as well as its bags perform. Filters require regular cleaning and periodic replacement to maintain peak performance and baghouses depend on an exact fit of the replacement filters to function properly. AFF manufactures all styles of replacement baghouse filters from a selection of fabrics suited to address specific applications. Our scrim supported felts offer added strength and durability so our filters can withstand abrasive dust and frequent cleaning to extend the life of the bag, while providing fine particle separation and excellent dust release properties. At AFF we can cross-reference most filters or duplicate your sample to provide an exact match.


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