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Forrest Ply Veneer Worker


Forrest Ply Veneer Worker

Forrest Manufacturing has developed a new blade designed specifically for providing rip and cross cuts of two-sided plywood, whether finished or unfinished. The Ply Veneer Worker (PVW) is a commercial-quality blade that excels on table saws, although it can also be used on radial arm saws. This new blade features the same high-precision technology as the popular Woodworker II blade. It does an outstanding job of ripping and cross cutting plywood and plywood veneers. The PVW also provides finish-quality cross cuts on hardwood laminated sheet products, as well as cross cuts on natural wood of all types. So it is well suited for use in making cabinets, bookshelves, and furniture. However, the blade is intended strictly for plywood, plywood veneers, and solid woods. It is not designed for cutting materials such as plastic, laminates, or melamine.

The Ply Veneer Worker (PVW) features a 10º hook, 70 teeth, and a high alternate top bevel grind. Because it is designed for cutting wood products only, it has a faster feed rate than the popular Forrest Duraline Hi-A/T blade that is used for plys, veneers, and low-pressure laminates. The PVW also costs $23 less. At the present time, the Ply Veneer Worker is available only in a 10”-diameter blade. The model PVW10707125 features a standard 1/8” kerf. The model PVW10707100 features a thin kerf. Both have a list price of $144. Forrest is planning to eventually make the blade available in other sizes, ranging from 7 ½” to 14” diameters.

Forrest saw blades, including the new PVW, are made from corrosion-resistant, super-strong C-4 micrograin carbide. As a result, they have up to a 300% longer life between sharpenings, compared to other carbide blades. In addition, all Forrest blades are hand straightened to ensure perfect flatness. They also have exceptional perimeter concentricity and side runout of +/- .001. Forrest offers state-of-the-art sharpening of all brands of carbide-tipped circular saw blades at a very reasonable cost. This helps assure optimal performance and maintains the working life of the blade.

Customers have the added advantage of knowing their Forrest blades come with the company’s 30-day, money-back guarantee. So they can make their purchase in complete confidence.