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Carter Products Hollow Roller


Carter Products Hollow Roller

Carter Products introduces the Accuright Hollow Roller Tool. Ease and precision for creating hollow vessels and forms.

For artisans and hobbyists who enjoy turning hollow vessels and forms on their lathe, the new AccuRight Hollow Roller™ system is the fastest, easiest and safest way to create beautiful turnings.

The patent-pending system consists of a captive cutting bar tool and lubricant-free roller system. The elegantly simple engineering allows the artisan to focus entirely on the workpiece without concern for controlling torque or twisting on the cutting tool. The roller configuration allows for drag-free, smooth, cutting motions that provide for greater carving detail and a higher-quality surface on the finished piece.

Adaptable to virtually any size and model of lathe, The AccuRight Hollow Roller™ kit includes: the Torque Arrestor tool roller, an auxiliary height-adjustable tool rest, the AccuRight 175 quick lock tool handle and the Hollow Roller™ boring bar with high-speed steel scraper bit. A stud adaptor specifically engineered for your lathe, also available from Carter Products, is the only other part needed to get started.

For added value, the AccuRight 175 quick-lock tool handle adapts for use of other tools like gouges and scrapers. The handle comes with a stock 5/8” collet, but can accommodate any size round bar up to 3/4”.

Go to for more details and to see a video demonstration of the new Hollow Roller™ .