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Forrest Non-Ferrous Blade


Forrest Non-Ferrous Blade

Forrest Manufacturing provides a wide selection of circular saw blades for cutting nonferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, and brass. These blades are available in a choice of diameters and with tooth counts suitable for light and heavy wall tubes, extrusions, and plates.

Forrest’s nonferrous blades can be ordered in various diameters from 5 3/8” to 20” and with teeth counts ranging in number from 50 to 120. The most popular of these blades are the NF1060 (10” diameter with 60 teeth, listing at $140), the NF1080 (10” with 80 teeth, listing at $168), the NF1280 (12” with 80 teeth, listing at $178), and the NF12100 (12” with 100 teeth, listing at $203)). Several of the 14”- diameter blades are also very popular.

These nonferrous saw blades come with SPS plugs and are fairly quiet to operate. They should be used with oil or wax lubricants.

Built-In Quality and a 30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

Forrest’s line of nonferrous saw blades are made of strong, corrosion-resistant C-2 micrograin carbide. This gives them up to a 300% longer life between sharpenings, compared to other carbide blades. The blades are hand-straightened to ensure perfect flatness and have exceptional perimeter concentricity and side runout of +/- .001. The company also offers state-of-the-art factory sharpening of all brands of carbide-tipped circular saw blades at a very reasonable price. In addition, all Forrest blades come with the company’s 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Forrest blades are available from fine-quality dealers, retailers, and catalogs, as well as direct from the factory. For more information, call 1-800-733-7111 or visit