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Woodworking Tool News - DeWalt Heat Gun


Woodworking Tool News - DeWalt Heat Gun

DeWalt has expanded its portfolio of heat guns

DeWalt has expanded its portfolio of heat guns and will now offer the D26960 Heat Gun as a kit, improving the Heat Gun’s utility on the job site. The D26960K includes 12 accessories that allow its use in a variety of applications, including scraping paint, bending pipes, loosening bolts, applying or removing graphics/decals, and others.

Some of the features of the Heat Gun and kit include:

- Accessories that include nozzles that provide versatility for customizing the direction and intensity of the heat flow, and a five-piece paint scraper set for removing paint and other materials from the work surface

- A temperature range of 150 to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit (65.6 to 593.3 degrees Celsius), a high/low rocker switch for variable heat settings, and an LCD display for easy temperature adjustment in 10-degree increments

- Ergonomic and lightweight design at just 2.3 pounds

The D26960K is expected to retail for approximately $129 and will be available at independent distributors beginning in December 2011.

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