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Woodworking Tool News - DeWalt Depth and Dust Control System


DeWalt Depth and Dust Control System

DEWALT announces the launch of the Adjustable Depth Setter (DWA5537DS) and Dust Collector (DWA500DC), which when used together serve as DEWALT’s proprietary Depth Control and Dust System. Designed specifically for use with the SDS Plus drill bits from DEWALT, the system is ideal for professionals in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing fields. The most frequent application of this system is for installing drop-in anchors, which are used to hold threaded rod for hanging pipes, conduit and heavy loads.

The DWA5537DS Adjustable Depth Setter is designed exclusively for use with DEWALT’s 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch and 5/8-inch SDS Plus drill bits. The DWA5537DS allows for controlled drilling depth, and provides accurate depth stop for setting the most commonly used drop-in anchors (1/4-inch, 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch), providing ease of use for professionals tasked with some of the most difficult overhead-drilling jobs.

To help prevent dust from pouring into a professional’s eyes and face while drilling overhead, the DWA500DC Dust Collection System flushes tightly against the application material, creating a collection area for dust and debris. The DWA500DC fits over the DWA5537DS sleeve to minimize dust, and helps to create a clean workspace. Because DEWALT’s new Dust Collection System is manufactured from flexible material, it allows professionals to easily view drilling spots while performing various applications.

The DWA5537DS Adjustable Depth Setter and DWA500DC Dust Collector will be available in February 2012 anywhere DEWALT Accessories are sold. The DWA5537DS will come with a 1/2-inch SOLID ROCK CARBIDE™ SDS Plus Drill Bit (DW5537) and retail for $39.95. The DWA500DC will be sold separately and retail for $19.95, but must be used in conjunction with the DWA5537DS. For more information visit: