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Woodworking Tool News - Festool C12/C15 Drills


Festool C12/C15 Drills

Versatile Combined with the Festool FastFix chuck system, the C 12 and C 15 can each do the job of five or more application-specific drills. Efficient Extremely efficient, energy-sipping EC-TEC brushless motors deliver more power, longer run time and fewer trips to the charger.

Durable Tough inside and out, Festool C-Drills feature brushless motors that have been tested to over a million screws, as well as sophisticated electronics that protect the tool and batteries from just about anything you can throw at them. With the revolutionary EC-TEC brushless motor, the durable C 12 and C 15 can easily power through a million screws or more with minimal wear. An extremely compact design gets you into tight spaces without the bulk and weight of traditional drill designs. The incomparable FastFix system is supported by keyless, eccentric, depth-stop, right angle and Centrotec system chucks, eliminating the expense of five or more specialized tools, while saving substantial time and wasted material.

Launch: October 2011

C 12 C 15

C 12 Plus C 15 Plus C 12 Set C 15 Set

Item No. 564 362 564 370 564 366 564 374

Price $400.00 $450.00 $525.00 $575.00

Battery type 10.8v 1.5 Ah 14.4v 3.0 Ah 10.8v 1.5 Ah 14.4v 3.0 Ah


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