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Woodworking Tool News - Festool Kapex Cutting Station


Festool Kapex Cutting Station

The Kapex UG Mobile Cutting Station vastly increases portability and functionality on the jobsite or in the workshop. Equipped with large wheels to handle rough jobsite terrain, the UG easily navigates the work area, and breaks down quickly and easily for transport. Left and right side extensions, expandable up to a full 15’ 9”, provide a fl at and wide surface for stable and reliable stock support. Adjustable material stops and a full length metric scale enable precise and repeatable cutting, improving work results and process efficiency.

Precise and consistent Paired with the Kapex, the rugged base and adjustable extension provide the foundation for precise and effi cient material processing. Single-unit portability Set up and break down in just a few simple steps for effi cient work, transport or storage.

Ample material support With a fully-extended wingspan of nearly 16ft, plus wide, fl at extensions, the UG enables stable and secure material processing. Kapex UG Cart

Item No: 497 354

Price: $800.00

Includes: Kapex Mobile Base 497 351, Left

Extension 497 353 and Right Extension 497 352


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