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Woodworking Tool News - DeWalt SDS Plus Bits


DeWalt SDS Plus Bits

DEWALT® Offers a Premium Line of SDS Plus Bits – SOLID ROCK CARBIDE™ Bits for Long Life and Increased Durability*

In continued support of professionals tasked with drilling holes in hard and reinforced concrete, DEWALT offers its expansive line of SDS Plus Bits, which includes SOLID ROCK CARBIDE™ SDS Plus Bits. The SOLID ROCK CARBIDE™ bits are designed for mechanical contractors, electricians, plumbers, forming and tilt wall contractors, glaziers and other maintenance and repair professionals. For durability and long life, these bits feature two times more carbide than standard SDS Plus drill bits decreasing the downtime caused by flute or tip breakage.

The SOLID ROCK CARBIDE™ SDS Plus Bits are manufactured using an innovative welding system to affix a whole piece of carbide to the tip of the flute. The solid carbide tip significantly improves the durability of the bits, cutting down on bit tip breakage during concrete drilling.

The SOLID ROCK CARBIDE™ SDS Plus Bits are available anywhere DEWALT products are sold. For more information, including a full product listing, click here.

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