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Woodworking Tool News - Forrest Woodworker II ATBR


A choice of four quality blades

Forrest offers a choice of four 40-Tooth Woodworker II—ATBR blades. These are available in 10”and 12” versions. The two 10” blades have a 5/8” bore and can be ordered with either a 1/8”kerf (Catalog #WW10406125) or a thinner 3/32” kerf (Catalog #WW10406100). They list for $130 each. The two 12” blades have a 1/8” kerf. However, customers have a choice of either a 1” bore (Catalog #WW12406125) or a 5/8” bore (Catalog #WW12406125A). The two 12” blades are listed at $150 each. In commenting further on why the 40-Tooth Woodworker II—ATBR Blades are so popular, Vice President Forrest says, “Experienced craftsmen have found that these versatile, combination blades make a very desirable and useful addition to any shop. In fact, it is only a slight exaggeration to say these four quality blades are capable of doing practically everything.”

Made with C-4 Carbide

Forrest blades are precision-engineered from corrosion-resistant, super-strong C-4 micrograin carbide. This gives them up to 300% longer life between sharpening, compared to other carbide blades. Forrest blades are hand-straightened to ensure perfect flatness. They have exceptional perimeter concentricity and side runout of +/- .001. In addition, Forrest Manufacturing Company offers affordable, state-of-the-art factory sharpening to help woodworkers and hobbyists maintain the life and performance of their saw blades.

Customers know they can order Forrest blades in complete confidence because they come with a 30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee.