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Woodworking Tool News - The Racor SecureHold holders


The Racor SecureHold holders

Providing Safer Storage, Protecting Children, Cars and Valuables

Racor's mission is to help homeowners “Reclaim Their Garage” with innovative storage solutions ( that help make the home and garage a safer place for the whole family. Most homeowners have a collection of long-handled tools, including brooms, two or three different shovels and rakes - add in a sledge hammer and ax, and you've got a lot of long-handled tools in need of safe storage in your garage or shed.

The new Racor SecureHold holder is better than a traditonal hook and is the perfect solution to store long handled tools, offering safe storage that protects children, cars, and other valuable items.

“Consumers have told us they want something better than the traditional hook to hang their long handled tools,” said Craig Zurko, Marketing Manager for Racor. “They want a holder that is easy to use and holds their tools securely, preventing falls that could hurt their children or damage cars and valuables. The SecureHold holder solves those long-handle tool storage problems.”

SecureHold is made of rugged steel construction and comes in three different versions: A single tool holder, a double tool holder, and a triple tool holder. It also has a patented retention feature that is an industry first. The long handled tool passes through the steel “spring” opening and then sits in a deep V-groove that holds the tool securely – both the spring opening and V-groove help prevent the tool from accidently being dislodged from the tool holder.

Racor's engineers have demonstrated that the SecureHold holder is 35 percent stronger than traditional hooks, and each holder can hold up to 65 pounds. The Racor SecureHold holder will be available in September 2012 at home centers and hardware stores. Suggested retail price is between $6 and $12.

Racor® has the largest variety of organizational products for the home and garage. Visit to see all that Racor has to offer and click on the “Plan Your Storage” button to take the interactive questionnaire so Racor can help you Reclaim Your Garage.


About Racor®

Racor storage and organizational solutions will inspire you to take back control of your space. Racor has the largest variety of solutions to organize and store bikes, sports equipment, lawn and garden supplies, bulky items like ladders and totes, and clutter items like tools. Racor is part of the ITW® family of products.