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Woodworking Tool News - Cadillac Coping Sled


Infinity Cutting Tools Professional Coping Sled

By Brad Holden

A good coping sled is a must for cope and stick routing. A great coping sled is icing on the cake, and that’s what Infinity has achieved with their industrial-quality Professional Coping Sled. Hands down, it’s the nicest I’ve used.

A coping sled holds your work at a right angle to the bit. When you’re routing tenons on the ends of a rail, for example, you’d use a coping sled. The beefier it is, the better, because routing end grain is tough work. Every feature of the Professional sled is built on a large scale. It’s made from 3/8" thick aluminum and weighs 8 lbs. Its base is 7" wide, 11" long and will hold stock up to 6-1/2" wide.

Whoever designed Infinity’s sled must have coped a lot of doors in a professional cabinet shop. The padded handles are generously sized and angled just right. Coarse abrasive paper on top of the sled keeps parts from slipping. The sled has three extra-large toggle clamps. (I used the two rear clamps to hold a backer board. This arrangement makes it extremely easy to insert a new backer board when I adjusted or changed a bit.) As far as I know, no other coping sled has a three-clamp design.

Here’s one more unusual but brilliant feature: The sled is equipped with a 3/8" thick Lexan guard plate that can also be used as a bearing surface against your router table’s fence. On most sleds, the workpiece and backer board are all that bear against the fence. If both pieces are narrow, this arrangement can be pretty unstable. Infinity’s guard plate gives you a whopping 13" of bearing surface.

The sled is pre-drilled for an optional miter bar. I like using the miter bar on my router table, because it holds the sled rock steady. I'll also use the sled and miter bar on my tablesaw, to dado tenons.



Infinity,, 877-872-2487, Professional Coping Sled, #COP-100; Precision Miter Bar – 9-7/8" x 3/4", #COP-MB1.