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Woodworking Tool News - Extra-Large Loose Tenons


Extra-Large Loose Tenons

By Brad Holden

Big parts require big joinery. The success of Festool’s Domino joiner, a portable machine that makes smallscale loose-tenon joints, has prompted Festool to up the ante. The new Domino XL makes much larger joints— large enough for almost any project.

If you consider the original Domino to be the equivalent of a biscuit joiner, the XL is like a mortising machine. But unlike a stationary machine, you can easily park the XL on a shelf or take it directly to a large workpiece.

The XL doesn’t replace the original Domino, however. Using different bits, the original Domino cuts mortises for tenons that are 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm thick; the XL cuts mortises for tenons that are 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm thick. (Only a 12mm bit comes with the machine, however. The rest are accessories.) Nicely engineered loose tenon stock is available from Festool.

The XL lives up to Festool’s reputation for making well-engineered, intuitive tools with tight tolerances and excellent dust collection. The height, depth and angle adjustments are straightforward and precise. Bit changing is a snap.

Locating mortises near an end or in the middle of a board is easy. For a corner joint, you use one of three retractable pins located on the tool’s face. For a joint far from an edge, you use a cursor centered on the bit.

Accessories for the Domino XL include a Trim Stop for repeatable mortising in the ends of narrow workpieces and a Cross Stop for repeatable hole spacing between 100mm and 200mm. Both accessories are included with the XL Joiner Set.



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